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‘With AWYVERDE® AWANTYS Group offers its clients a solution to pack their cosmetic products in a truly ecological way without additional costs or limitations in their packaging’s performance. Thereby, we can fully meet the requirements of both our direct clients as well as those of the end consumers’, states Carsten Wolansky, CEO of AWANTYS Group. AWYVERDE® primary packaging is 100% non-petrochemical as well as food safe and can be used for skin care, decorative cosmetics and fragrances. RCM-1801 as the underlying material deployed for AWYVERDE® is 30% – 90 % more economical than known bioplastics such as PLA or PHB. It consists of two thirds renewable inputs such as cellulose and of one third minerals. Hence, with AWYVERDE® components there can be no microplastics pollution. In addition, given that the material is produced through compounding, the amount of energy required for its production is significantly lower than in the refining processes for the extraction of conventional plastics. While meeting cosmetics’ requirements regarding migration properties according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, AWYVERDE® primary packaging is recyclable and certified for industrial composting by TÜV Austria. It is among the few materials on the market that also decompose in home compost, water and nature after five to ten years while that requires ~ 450 years for conventional plastics. Unlike packaging from other biomaterials, AWYVERDE® does not only release water and carbons during its decomposition but also minerals that serve as nutrients for plants and micro-organisms. AWYVERDE® primary packaging is produced in conventional injection molds and can be colored – no investment in special equipment is required. Beyond, decorations with known technologies such as metallization, varnishing, pad or silk-screen printing as well as hot foil stamping are feasible. Learn more about AWYVERDE® primary packaging at

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