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Beauty packaging comes in many shapes and forms, yet it's not always easy to appreciate the intricacies that go into every piece unless you have the opportunity to look closely. AWANTYS is offering brands the chance to do just that, without having to move from their chair.

AWANTYS Group has put together an online 3D booth that is free to access to all members of the packaging community, whether packaging designers, packaging buyers, or any other packaging-related role.

Visit AWANTYS's 3D booth.

Intuitive layout

Benefiting from an intuitive layout, visitors can zoom in and take a look at the packaging models on display from top to bottom, inside and out. As an added advantage, 3D models can be rotated, or even customized when clicking on the 3D configurator button which will open up in a brand new screen with options avaialable to change colors, finishes, materials, print decoration and more.

The intuitive layout also allows visitors to navigate between AWANTYS's sustainable packaging options, and find out in more detail how the company is making it easy for brands to align their packaging with their company's core sustainability values. With PCR-, PIR-, biocompound-, porcelain-, marble- and granite-packaging included in AWANTYS's portfolio, brands have plenty of sustainable options to choose between.

AWANTYS has also made it easy for packaging buyers to contact them through the inclusion of a small pop-up enquiry button in the bottom right side of the screen so that direct questions can be presented without losing sight of the company's 3D stand.

Cosmetic, make-up and fragrance brands alike will all find useful information within AWANTYS's online 3D booth, and are all invited to explore some of the company's packaging options in full 3D at the company's online 3D booth.

Click here to access and visit the booth in your browser, from the comfort of your chair!

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